Beaver Creek Bible CampSummer Activities

  • Archery

    Ready, Aim, Fire! BCBC has 6 adjustable compound bows to facilitate a good time at the archery field!
  • Canoeing

    Paddle up the creek with your friends and enjoy the outdoors!
  • Rec

    We split everyone up into Rec Teams for the week and play a bunch of fun games - always competing for that Grand Prize!
  • Photography

    Get tips on how to capture that perfect picture and enjoy different photo 'hunts'!
  • Map Quest

    With different 'quests' everyday, you'll learn how to use a compass and get lots of time to explore!
  • Music & Band

    BCBC is home to some fantastic musicians who are ready and willing to teach you how to grow your musical skills.
  • Zipline

    Harness up and climb the stairs before jumping into mid-air! Our zipline takes you over the creek in a rush of adrenaline!
  • Drama

    If acting is your thing, we've got a place for you! Sign up for a drama skill and you'll be sure to have a great time!
  • Outdoor Survival

    BCBC's bush allows for some fantastic learning experiences! Learn to cook outdoors, safely build fires, make forts and more!
  • Sports

    Enjoy a variety of field sports on our soccer field, shoot some hoops on the basketball court or play volleyball on our brand new beach-ball court!
  • Crafts

    Every summer we try to have a brand new craft for you to try out! Unleash your creativity on things like chainmail, paper mache, modelling clay!
  • Kayaking

    Up to 10 people can take the water in our kayaks! Try your balance in Lake Winnipeg's waves or enjoy the smoothness of our creek!
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