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We're glad you're here! Thinking it through the other day, we thought it would be a good idea to rewrite our Staff Conduct page to explain more of the heart behind the various elements of staffing at BCBC. We hope that the info on this page will give you a fuller understanding of what it would look like to join our staff team!

Love God and love others.

Right from the get-go in 1969, BCBC has been volunteer driven. Local church members were filled with a passion to reach out to local children and youth with the Gospel and their impact still echoes throughout the Interlake to this day! We get to carry their torch!

Beaver Creek Staff Information and Code of Conduct

Arrival and Departure
Staff are required to be at camp by 5pm Sunday afternoon and stay until 3pm Saturday. Staff must arrange with the director any variations of this at the time of application or as soon as possible.

ALL staff, including support staff should observe the camp program hours. No noise is to be tolerated after camper bedtime. All staff are asked to keep the noise level and the movement on the grounds down in order to respect the work of the cabin leaders and to respect the needs of other staff that require more sleep. Special courtesy should be given to the cooks and kitchen helpers in that they usually have to get up earlier to prepare breakfast.

The staff housing facilities are not sound proof. With staff resting at various times of the day and people sharing rooms, we ask that you respect other’s need for a quiet place to rest, reflect, and seek the presence of God.

The kitchen should be a warm and inviting atmosphere. During the meal preparations, however, we ask that you would only be there for the purpose of helping out. There are times when the final meal preparation is difficult and the cook could use an additional person. The non -cabin-leading staff are expected to clean-up the night snack dishes and leave the kitchen area in clean order for the cook to enter early the next morning. The staff are asked to follow guidelines administered by the cook and director concerning any non-scheduled meals or snacks. Under no circumstances are staff to take food off the shelf or out of the fridge without being authorized to do so. Your cooperation, respect, consideration, and honesty are essential.

Staff Meetings
We expect each and every staff to participate in the staff meetings (except kitchen staff). Staff meetings will be scheduled to accommodate all areas of camp life and if staff cannot be present because of work responsibilities, they should inform the director.

Water Safety
No canoe/kayak shall be allowed on the lake by itself. Two or more canoes/kayaks must always remain in close proximity to each other. Staff and campers must wear life jackets that are the right size at all times when in a canoe/kayak. Safety cannot be overemphasized! We don’t want a single casualty at camp.

Bible Translation
Using a modern language Bible is encouraged. We generally use the New International Version (NIV) or New Living Translation (NLT) at camp.

Since music tastes are different and camp is a place for quiet reflection, no recorded or broadcasted music will be tolerated if it interferes with the serenity and beauty of the camp setting or personal reflection.

The camp phones are located in the office and kitchen. Staff are asked to check with the director before making a camp call. If you need to make a personal call, please call collect. Cell phones are to remain packed away during camp. Campers are not allowed to bring electronic devices to camp and we as staff want to do our best to follow suit. Please bring a watch or other alarm instead.

The camp laundry facilities are there for the kitchen staff to wash tea towels and other kitchen related items. It is also available for staff that cannot easily go home to do laundry once a week and for other emergencies.

Camp is for the CAMPER. Being on call 24 hours a day is tough, but it is our calling to consistently put the needs of the campers ahead of our own. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, consider others better than yourselves…” Phil 2:3. You may be called on to improvise, substitute in an activity, try something entirely new, or lead something you don’t enjoy. There will be sacrifices of time, self, and personal pleasure. The rewards definitely outweigh the sacrifices – seeing campers’ lives changed! Make sure that in all you do, you exemplify servant hood, helpfulness, cheerfulness, humility, kindness, forgiveness and enthusiasm. This holds true for every item of the program, every minute of the day. When there is two staff members with a different opinion “be quick to listen and slow to speak.” When there is a task that needs to be done, be quick to pitch in and exemplify servanthood. For example, during recreation, teamwork rules; staff are not to run the show, hog the ball, etc., but rather set campers up to have a good time and participate to their fullest potential.

Camp Atmosphere
All staff must, at all times, be models of behaviour. 1Timothy 4:12 - “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the… (campers) in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” One staff member who fails to be a good example can quickly break down what the whole camp is trying to accomplish. Any staff member who stands in the way of achieving camp objectives must be corrected or removed. It is better to be short staffed than to be wrong staffed.

Staff must not spend time “courting”. Necessary as that may be, it must be done elsewhere. Staff are at camp to serve the Lord. Camp is a great place to meet that special someone; but a bad place to date them. Any staff that does not help to build a healthy atmosphere at camp could be asked to leave by the camp director.

Camp Property
Respect for the camp property is expected from all staff members. Furniture or equipment is not to be moved from one building to another unless permission is given by the director. Also, trees may not be cut down or removed without prior approval. Defacing of trees is not permitted. Each staff is to see that cabins and grounds are left clean and in order upon departure. At all times litter shall be placed in the proper containers. New outdoor campfire sites are not to be started without the approval of the director. Campers must stay on the campgrounds except on programmed excursions. Camp equipment must always be used under the supervision/permission of the director or the designated person in charge.

Clean Up
Each of the staff are expected to participate in general clean up at the end of each camping period as well as the following: the support staff are responsible for their sleeping quarters as well as the buildings and equipment which relate to their area of responsibility; cabin leaders are responsible for their own cabin and area. Parents arrive on Saturday and staff are expected to stay on site until the campers are gone and clean up is complete unless arrangements are made ahead of time with the director.

Conduct with campers
Staff members should always avoid situations with children and youth that could in any way be misconstrued as being indiscreet. Staff should generally build their closer relationships with children and teenagers of the same gender; likewise private counselling with the opposite gender should generally be avoided. There is an increased sensitivity about staff expressing concern for youth in any physical way whatsoever and therefore have been an increasing number of cases where such affection has been misunderstood. As a result private counselling sessions should be avoided where possible within the discretion of the cabin leader. If counselling is deemed necessary, a third person should be invited to sit in on the talk or it should be done in a public place.

Unless ill (by diagnosis of the Nurse), campers are expected to participate in all camp activities, chapel, meals, sports, etc. Cheerful cooperation is expected. No camper is to leave the designated ground without being accompanied by a staff member. This rule should be strictly enforced and reinforced. During non-swimming hours campers are not allowed on the beach. (Or lack thereof) Boys are not allowed in the girl’s cabins and vice-versa. The general area around and behind the boys cabins are out-of-bounds for girls and the girls area is out-of-bounds for the guys except during programmed activities which takes into account the appropriateness of the time of day. Campers who bring radios, stereos, iPODs, MP3 players, CD players, or unwholesome books/magazines/games, should hand these in to the director for safe keeping till the end of the camping session. Generally the same dress codes apply for campers as for staff. Campers are not to wear swimwear during non-swimming hours. Boys are to wear shirts at all times except during swimming. Clothes which display beer ads, suggestive slogans, or other such negative influences to the camp environment should be left in the suitcase. The phone is not to be used by campers unless there is an absolute emergency. Only the director has the authority to let campers use the phone. This permission is rare.

Staff Dress Code
“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment…instead; it should be that of your inner self, the unfailing beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” Please pack so there will be no occasion for embarrassment at camp, if unsure, ask. Thank you for your cooperation.
1. Clothing depicting words/symbols/pastimes that aren’t honourable may not be worn.
2. Clothing must have appropriate fit and length (if it’s questionable, don’t).
3. Men will wear shirts when on camp grounds (excludes beach).
4. Skimpy or revealing swimwear may not be worn.
5. Beachwear shall be worn only on the beach and while returning to your cabin.
6. Proper undergarments must be worn, and should not be visible. (Bra straps, boxer shorts etc.)
7. Footwear is required in the lodge and chapel, and skill times.
8. Clothing that is torn or poorly patched is unacceptable.
9. Staff appearance should not in any way be of an extreme/attention drawing nature.


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