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Info & Expectations

Thinking of staffing with us? It’s a big challenge, but the rewards are worth it.

At Beaver Creek, our focus is on loving God and loving the kids who attend camp. We expect our staff to join us in our goals, and to build into the kingdom atmosphere of camp. As such, we expect our staff to put the needs of the campers first at all times. Camp is for the CAMPER. Being on call 24 hours a day is tough, but God gives us the strength to love well for the long haul. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, consider others better than yourselves…” Phil 2:3. You may be called on to improvise, substitute in an activity, try something entirely new, or lead something you don’t enjoy. There will be sacrifices of time, self, and personal pleasure. The rewards definitely outweigh the sacrifices – seeing campers’ lives changed! We want to make sure that we exemplify servanthood, helpfulness, cheerfulness, humility, kindness, forgiveness and enthusiasm.

Having a Godly atmosphere is very important to us, and we expect our staff to build into that by setting a good example to the campers (and to each other) by pursuing Jesus during personal time, by being servant hearted, by honouring each other, and by respecting the authority of those in leadership. We expect our staff to set an example in following safety rules and guidelines, and in respecting camp property.

As part of setting our focus on loving God and loving campers, we set aside some things that can divide our focus, including phones and media, and dating. We understand that digital technology is an ever increasing part of our lives, and as such we value providing staff and campers with a break from personal electronic devices (cellphones, ipods, tablets etc). Campers are not allowed to bring electronic devices to camp and we as staff want set an example and show consistency. Dating is another thing that can easily take up a lot of mental energy and time. If you and your significant other both come to serve at camp, you can expect to have a discussion of expectations with the directors at the start of the week, so that there's clarity all around.

We expect that staff dress in a way that promotes a wholesome and honouring camp environment. This includes wearing clothing that is modest and nothing with an ungodly message on it (violence/death/inappropriate jokes).

We expect that staff build relationships with campers (and with each other) in ways that cannot be misconstrued as inappropriate. One-on-one time with a camper must happen in a public place, and bringing in a third person is always a good idea. Ideally, closer relationships should be built within the same gender.


Arrival and Departure Staff are asked to be at camp by 5pm Sunday afternoon and stay for clean up and debrief once campers have left (2-3 hours). Staff must arrange with the director any variations of this at the time of application or as soon as possible.


Cabin Leaders sleep in the cabins with their campers. Support Staff are in smaller cabins of 2-4. Support Staff lodging is connected, so it’s important to keep the noise level fairly low, as staff may be resting throughout the day.


Running the kitchen is a huge job, and as such, anyone who isn’t kitchen staff is asked to stay out of the kitchen. Non-scheduled meals or snacks need to be cleared with the head cook or directors (don’t worry, camp feeds you lots), and staff must not take food off the shelf or out of the fridge without being authorized to do so. If you are bringing food specific to dietary needs, please communicate with the cooks as fridge space may be limited.


Camp has limited laundry facilities, so make sure you pack enough for the week. If you’re staying over the weekend, you’re more than welcome to use them, and if anything comes up during the week, just double check with a director before you start a load.

Bible Translation

Camp uses the New Living Translation (NLT) for our theme verses/memory passages, and many of the staff use New International Version (NIV), but any modern bible translation is great.

More details on any of these topics can be found in our Code of Conduct


Our Mission

We exist to give all an encounter with the Living Christ by offering a Christian summer camp experience to children and youth!


Our Values

We deeply value building heart connections at BCBC - between staff, campers and God the Father! We believe that experiencing God for oneself is a life-changing experience and part of our daily privilege as Christians!


Our Community

Serving at BCBC is like being a part of a family. Solid friendships grow and develop as we worship, pray and love on campers together and it's our joy to serve with sons and daughters that love Jesus!