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Thinking of staffing with us?

We're glad you're here! Thinking it through the other day, we thought it would be a good idea to rewrite our Staff Conduct page to explain more of the heart behind the various elements of staffing at BCBC. We hope that that info will give you a fuller understanding of what it would look like to join our staff team!

Love God and love others.

Right from the get-go in 1969, BCBC has been volunteer driven. Local church members were filled with a passion to reach out to local children and youth with the Gospel and their impact still echoes throughout the Interlake to this day! We get to carry their torch!

As a heads up, because of insurance regulations (and to protect BCBC and YOU from false allegations), all volunteer's are required to complete the following:
- Staff Application (includes 3 references)
- Criminal Record Check (Winnipeger's can do it online)
- Child Abuse Registry Check (online here)
Email us if you'd like to arrange to have the Criminal Record Check or Child Abuse Registry Check done for free.
Personal Staff Support Raising packages are also available upon request for those considering volunteering for 4-5 weeks.